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Who we are?

We are MoneySpot Finance Pty Ltd. You can visit the ‘Contact Us’ section of our website to find our contact details.

MoneySpot promises to respect your privacy rights and protects your personal information. Our company has stringent standards to make sure that your privacy remains secure according to the Privacy Act 1988 and according to our policy as well as procedure.

Please read the following information carefully:

Information gathered:
The information we collect from you is your name, email and postal address, financial details, date of birth as well as other information which we might find important and necessary.

We collect and save the information from you for the following purposes:

  • To evaluate your application and identify you
  • To acquaint you with the details of current management and administration of our services and products
  • To protect you against frauds occurring through banks and finance, service or products and insurance
  • To offer you with information on MoneySpot's products and services at regular intervals.

We might gather and hold your identification and transaction information pertaining to our conformation with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2008 (Cth). In some cases, we gather your personal information through third parties like credit reporting agencies,  your employer, your nominated representative (like your legal or financial consultant), or publicly accessible sources of information.

We collect, use and hold all the information which concerns with your consumer and commercial  creditworthiness through Dun & Bradstreet
(w: | e: | t: 1300 734 806), which is a credit reporting organisation, for all kinds of purposes permitted by law. We also share your information with them. This task is undertaken to assess your credit capacities, eligibility as well as history in relation with an application or an obligation as a guarantor, collecting payments from you, and managing our credit relationship.

The information about creditworthiness involves positive (payment information) as well as negative aspects (like defaults or credit violations) that we might disclose to credit reporting organisations in case you are not able to make the repayments to us on time. The privacy policy of MoneySpot as well as that of the credit reporting body have all the information on how MoneySpot as well as the reporting body handles and maintains the personal information including the creditworthiness information. These policies also mention about the ways to access, correct, and make complaints about the personal information, request that your information is not used for credit pre-screening, and also request a prohibition on the usage of credit information wherein you have been a victim of fraud.

If you do not or are not able to provide us with some or all the information that we want to collect from you, we might not be able to offer our services to you.

In the case that you are unable to make a repayment to us and:

  • the amount owed is greater than $150
  • the duration outstanding is greater than 60 days
  • you have been sent a Default Notice under the NCC s88 and Privacy Act s6Q
  • you have been sent a Privacy Act s21D notice

we may forward relevant information regarding your loan to DBCC Pty Ltd to facilitate the recovery process.
Use and disclosure
Once you provide us with your personal information, we will make sure that the information is utilised for the purposes for which it was obtained from you.

Your personal information may be disclosed to:

  • Those who are a part of evaluating, maintaining and developing our infrastructure, procedures as well as business systems
  • Our partners who are involved in financial transactions with us including merchants, payment organisations and financial institutions.
  • The credit as well as debt collection organizations and fraud reporting agencies that are involved with us in our normal business practices;
  • Your nominated representatives
  • As needed or authorised by law, like to government or regulatory organizations and
  • Where you have given your consent

The safety of your personal information holds of importance to us and we undertake sensible steps to protect it from getting misused. We also make sure there is no loss or unauthorised disclosure, modification or access.

MoneySpot reviews the upgradation in security and encryption technologies at regular intervals. But unfortunately the data transmission over the Internet cannot be guaranteed as absolutely secure. Although we undertake strict process to protect customer information, we cannot ensure the security of any information you provide to us, and you do so at your own risk.

We might store all or any emails you send to us and the ones we send to you for our records especially when we are legally required to do so.

MoneySpot utilizes cookies for several purposes, like security purposes and for personalising your browsing experience. Cookies do not enable us to gather your personally identifiable information.

Certain situations in which we might use cookies include:

  • For allocating an identification number for your Internet browser (it is not possible to identify you from this number);
  • For knowing if you have visited our website before
  • For tracking and reporting on the website and keeping a track of online campaign performance
  • For identifying third parties’ websites you have visited or accessed
  • For detecting fraud and security issues

If you are willing, you can configure your browser in such a way that it doesn't ]receive cookies. But this means you will not be able to use secure services that need cookies for participation. Some of these services involve (but are not limited to) our online application and features meant for the members.

Third party sites
Where you access a third party website from the MoneySpot website, cookie information, information about your preferences or other information you have provided about yourself may be shared between us and the third party.

Third Party websites have their own privacy policy and they are responsible for their own privacy practices.

Complete Bank Vision terms and conditions are available here:

Access and complaints
We are supposed to provide you the access to your information, except in situations where:

  • Access poses to be a threat to the life, health, or privacy of any individual
  • The information is related to a commercially sensitive decision making process
  • It is considered vexatious or frivolous request
  • Access is unlawful or prohibited by authorities

Please visit ‘contact us’ for our details if you wish to:

  • Request access to your information
  • Need correction for your information, or
  • Register a complaint about privacy matters.
  • Bank Vision provided by Perfect Data Solutions

You do not need to provide us with the viewing access of your bank account transaction information (Transaction History) or any internet banking access details. You might be allowed to apply for a loan through us even if you do not provide us with such information. However, if you do that, it will help us to come up with a decision of lending you a loan or not.

Once you give your consent to access your transaction history, the following provisions will be applied:

Provide Accurate Information
You agree to give correct, apt, current and entire information about yourself as well as your bank accounts (with us or third parties) and promise that you will not misrepresent your identity as well as your account information. You agree to keep your bank account information updated, apt and complete.

We will access your transaction history by making use of the services of Perfect Data Solutions Limited (PDS). We will access the information by making use of  your internet banking login details like your customer access number or PIN.

We will use your transaction history to assess your application for credit, any future application for credit, and to manage your loan. PDS is located in the United Kingdom and can be contacted at Forum 3, Parkway, Whiteley, Hampshire PO15 7FH United Kingdom, or Phone: +44 (0) 208 123 9260 or

A copy of the PDS privacy policy can be found using the link detailed here PDS uses a third party service provider to access your Transaction History called ‘Yodlee’. Yodlee is located in the USA at 3600 Bridge Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94065.

Third Party Accounts
By agreeing to enable us to view access to your transaction history, you authorise Yodlee to access the third party sites designated by you, on your behalf, to retrieve information requested by us, and to register to view bank statements over a period of up to 90 days. You agree that Yodlee may, and are instructed by you as your agent and nominated representative, with full power of substitution and re-substitution, for you and in your name, place and stead, in any and all capacities, to access third party internet sites, servers or documents, retrieve information, and use your information, all as described above, with the full power and authority to do and perform each and every act and thing requisite and necessary to be done in connection with such activities, as fully to all intents and purposes as you might or could do in person.

This will include the following purposes: copying transaction history over a 90 day period and storing the copied Transaction History on our servers. Yodlee provides your Transaction History to PDS and PDS passes your Transaction History to us. PDS and Yodlee will continue to have access to your Transactions History provided you do not change your internet banking login details.

You acknowledge and agree that when we, PDS or Yodlee access and retrieve information and Transaction History from third party sites, this is undertaken as your agent, and not the agent on behalf of any third party (including the bank account provider). You should be aware that third party account providers shall be entitled to rely on this authorisation and agency granted by you. You should also be aware that this service is not endorsed or sponsored by any third party bank account providers. We would recommend that you refer to the terms and conditions of your internet banking provider if you would like more information. Providing us with your internet banking login details may limit your rights under your banks terms and conditions for unauthorised transactions.

You understand that allowing us, PDS and Yodlee to review your Transaction History is at your sole risk. We are only able to review your Transaction History on an "as is" and "as available basis" as it is made available to us by service providers. It may not be available to us from time to time.

We cannot guarantee that allowing us to review your Transaction History will guarantee the success of your loan application or the rate at which the loan is available. By providing consent for us to access your Transaction History you will not have access to the protections otherwise afforded to you under the Privacy Act (Cth) 1988 if your personal information was not disclosed overseas.

You acknowledge and accept that when you make use of the MoneySpot website, you accept the Privacy Policy and  “Terms & Conditions” of the company.

MoneySpot may at any point of time change the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions by providing the updated policies on the website. We insist you to check our website regularly for any updates in our Privacy Policy.


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